There was once three sisters, all who inherited a love of crafting from their very crafty mother. One loved paper, one loved fabric and the other loved sugar! All three sister came together to create our sweet little Ella’s Sunshine Party. I designed, assembled and styled the party, Mandi sewed all the party decor and my girls little sunshine outfits, and Kristi of City Sweets baked all the desserts! It was so fun being together doing what we all love the best! It was the perfect party to celebrate the most bright and happy little girl I know!

Sunshine Party Dessert Table by Love The Day
Sunshine Party by Love The Day Sunshine Party by Love The Day Sunshine Party by Love The Day Sunshine Party by Love The Day

Sunshine Party by Love The Day

by lindi

18 thoughts on “Our Little Sunshine Party by Love The Day

  1. ern says:

    Hi Lindi!!! I knew you had a blog but for some reason could never find a link to it so I’m glad that Kristi posted it and now I can follow you. Man, I had no idea you guys were so amazing! I think you’d probably like my sis-in-law’s blog ( cause you’re all a bunch of design gurus. :) It’s good to see pics and hear what you’re up to…keep it up!

  2. Chelsea Madsen Osborne says:

    Lindi-I just found this link from Kristi’s blog and I cannot believe how adorable this is! I mean, I thought my sisters and I were crafty, but this is way better than anything we’ve done! It’s seriously so cute!

  3. Margaret says:

    I know I am chiming in really late but I just saw this link on another website. I threw a sunshine party for our sunshine on the very same date! It was also her first birthday! It was a great party theme to plan and put on!

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