I don’t know about you, but my pinterest boards are FULL of great ideas and recipes that I am dying to try, yet time gets in the way and I put them off until later. Well not anymore! I’ve decided to start a series of Pinterest Successes & Fails  (open to everyone, so send in your pictures!) which will chronicle my pinterest projects that work and those that don’t! To begin, I tried out a recipe I have seen floating around and have always wanted to try, Peppermint Sugar Cookies Bars by The Busty Baker (original post here). Now here are her bars….YUM Right?!

And below are my bars with few alterations. I didn’t have any dinner mints and the only food coloring I had was blue…hello vintage christmas!

All in all, a total success. So delish, so sweet and really tasted like a big fat sugar cookie. Thank you Busty Baker for a new favorite! You can find the recipe here.

And to the Sugar & Spice toppers are party of my Peppermint Party Collection that can be found here.

Peppermint Sugar Cookie Bars Peppermint Sugar Cookie Bars Peppermint Sugar Cookie Bars



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4 thoughts on “Peppermint Sugar Cookie Bars, a Pinterest Success

  1. Danae (The Busty Baker) says:

    Oh my these look so good! Honestly, I had no idea my bars were even making their way around Pinterest until I stumbled across them one day looking at pins for my own boards. And now, because so many people have pinned it, it’s one of my top posts of all time! I’m so glad you enjoyed them and I’m so glad I ended up in the Success category and not the Fail! :)

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