I am a huge fan of unique, but personal party themes. There is something so special about throwing a party tailored to a child’s interests, loves or current obsession (which often takes a little brainstorming and creativity to pull off). This Moon & Stars party by The Winding Road is a perfect example of a cute mom going all out on a non-traditional theme to please her son and daughter. What memories this cute celebration must have created! Here is a little bit about the party from Sandy herself,

I made a little picture for the front door using wood, chalkboard paint, wooden stars, and craft rings.

My neighbor Hiedi and I put together this star mobile!

Inspired by Miniature Rhino, I made gift bags for all of the kids and embroidered the constellations on the front.  We had Orion, Taurus, Andromeda, Perseus, Cygnus, Canis Major, Ursa Major, Hercules, and Pegasus.  I found some vintage constellation illustrations from the book “Urania’s Mirror” and attached those to the drawstring.  We placed a personalized stargazing chart inside each bag along with some hot cocoa and marshmallows to keep them warm while they’re checking out the heavens.  I found some giant roasting marshmallows and my friend Courtney used a star-shaped cookie cutter to cut a star out of the center of each.

After crafts, we headed inside for some astronomy inspired history and food.  We had Kepler Kebabs, Fizeau Fries, Newton Nuggets, and Copernicus Cheese-n- Macs. We also had Ptolemy Pizza Bites, Halley’s Fruit Comets and a little Albert’s Apple Juice to wash things down…

For crafts, the kids painted the stars on small canvases and painted earth balls.

It was finally cake time.  This one was chocolate with a raspberry filling. I made the toppers with wooden stars, skewers and sequins on a string.
After the cake we headed outside to do a little stargazing.  The weather had been a little foggy lately so I was surprised that we managed to see at least one star.  In case of fog, I had ordered some sky lanterns so we would be assured of some twinkling night lights. I love, love, love the idea of sky lanterns but I was very worried about starting a fire.  I googled it and although they’re not illegal in CA, you can still spend up to a year in jail for reckless burning.  Plus it wouldn’t be very neighborly to burn down a friend’s house or field.  So, I lit them and tied them off.  I think it would be amazing to see hundreds released somewhere.  As it was we only lit two before the rain started and we were done for the evening.



I am a wife of one, mother of two and a graphic designer who loves to throw and style parties. There is nothing I love more than to find unique and creative ways to celebrate the most important days in our lives. Whether it be through printable products or creative diy decorations, I try to find ways to make parties memorable so others can Love The Day.

11 thoughts on “Moon & Stars Birthday Party Feature

  1. Stacey says:

    Beautiful party! What a nifty way you infused the theme into all aspects of the celebration.
    I am planning a moon and stars birthday party for my daughter (who is only turning two) since she’s fascinated with both of them. I was wondering a few things:
    1) Where did you get those small earths that surround the cake?
    2) What did you make the cake toppers out of?
    3) Do you have any ideas for moon-themed favors for my daughter’s party? (Don’t worry if you don’t… All I’ve come up with are moon/star sugar cookies.)

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