New Year’s Eve FREE Printable Blow Horns & Tutorial

With Christmas behind us, New Year’s Eve is just days away. I’m not typically a huge New Year’s Eve celebrator, but I like to do a few little things to make it a fun night for my girls. We rarely make it to midnight, but we really give it a whirl! This year, my girls and I will be making these diy printable blow horns. Here is how you make them:

1. Download the FREE PRINTABLE blow horn template HERE.

2. Cut the blog horn templates.

3. Purchase blow horns from The Dollar Tree and remove the existing paper horn from the whistle.

4. Wrap the printable cut blow horn templates, tape in a cone-shape and place inside the whistle.

5. To glitter, wrap the ends of the blow horn with double-sided tape and roll in glitter.

More FREE New Year’s Printables can be found HERE.

New Year's Eve FREE Printable Blow Horn & Tutorial by Love The Day New Year's Eve FREE Printable Blow Horn & Tutorial by Love The Day New Year's Eve FREE Printable Blow Horn & Tutorial by Love The Day



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