‘I Like How You Roll’ DIY Valentine Printable & Idea

Coming at you today with another DIY Valentine Gift or Party Favor idea! Purchase ‘I Like how You Roll’ Valentine Tags here, then attach to a bag of tootsie rolls, a bouncy ball or even cinnamon rolls. So easy and SO many possibilities! If you can think of another way to use the tags, I would love to hear your ideas! Leave a comment below with an idea and I’ll send you the tags for free (don’t forget your email address).

Or if you would like to use the ideas mentioned above, you can purchase the tags here for only $5.

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  1. Na'Vella Party Boutique says

    For boys this tag can be used for cars or trucks. For little girls, maybe those little roll on perfumes.

  2. Jill O says

    Lindi-Lou-who, you are so stinking creative and genius-like! What about cute washi tape! Probably only applicable for adults, but super caaaute.

  3. Linda says

    If it was for your kiddo or even significant other, you could give a gift card to a bowling alley! I don’t know, the first ideas I had come up with are already here. ;)

  4. Amanda says

    What about homemade rolls (since I’m planning on using them to give some love to the grown-ups in my life)? Or (if you’re like me) I’m sure homemade from the bakery rolls would be just as appreciated. :) Cute tags!
    heytrube at hotmail dot com

  5. says

    Way too cute – since I have no kids at home that need Valentines I think I’ll make them for myself and give them to my friends! Thanks for sharing your idea over at Finding the Pretty & Delicious Linky Party – come back and party tomorrow!!

  6. Holly says

    Adorable. My six year old said he’d rather do these with fruit roll ups, than the Star Wars ones he originally picked.

  7. Laura says

    How about using the tag for egg rolls has an appetizer or hostess give for a Valentine’s party/dinner. Or use for a teen gift giving a roll of money.

  8. Monica Brown says

    Love the Tootsie Roll idea! But you could also attach the tag to a fruit roll up, or a hot wheels car. I would love to get these printables if you are still sending them out! Thank you!!

  9. maggie says

    Love this! Because I have boys and cars galore, Hot Wheels would be so fun! This will be darling in our countdown envelopes for Valentine’s Day…a different “roll” treat every day! Thank you!

  10. Nancy Kennerly says

    I am always looking for boy valentines for my grandsons. I like how you roll would be cute with micro machine car attached.

  11. Nancy says

    Save up paper towel rolls and/or toilet paper rolls, wrap them like tootsie rolls and put rolls, tootsie tolls, and mini fruit roll-ups inside. So fun!


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