FREE LDS Handouts and Printables

I’ve had a lot of requests to start offering my lds/church handouts as free downloads. After a few days of majoring formatting, your pleas are answered. The following can now be downloaded for FREE (Click On The Image To Download).

If you end up downloading, I would love to hear or see what you use them for!


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I am a wife of one, mother of two and a graphic designer who loves to throw and style parties. There is nothing I love more than to find unique and creative ways to celebrate the most important days in our lives. Whether it be through printable products or creative diy decorations, I try to find ways to make parties memorable so others can Love The Day.

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  1. says

    Thank you I love them! Since Avery learned to read I have been wanting to put up little quotes and sayings on the bathroom mirror for him to see. These will be perfect!

  2. Shane says

    Our beehives secretly decorate the rooms of new incoming beehives on their 12th birthday and those bees would be so cute for that! I’m sending all my friends here! :)

  3. says

    Love, love, love this! I also do design work for my church. It’s such an honor to give back with the talent I’ve been blessed with.

    PS – prayful isn’t a word but prayerful is ;)

  4. Alisha says

    These are beautiful. I so want to download the Stand in Holy Places, but when I click it, it doesn’t link to anything to download. What am I doing wrong? Please help!

  5. Kira says

    With Alisha….please help. Stand in Holy Places will not download. You images are beautiful and I would love to use them for lessons.

  6. Krista says

    I just downloaded the 9 “be’s” from President Hinkley, and I’m planning on sending them in a care package for a missionary, with a related item for each one. Thanks so much!

  7. says

    I’ve downloaded one of your handouts to share with folks on the street and on the road where I perform. They’re really cool and handy.

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