Summer Fiesta! A Blog Hop

Summer Fiesta:: A Blog Hop

It's that time again! Time for another Party Hop hosted by Sunshine Confetti. A Party Hop is where bundles of bloggers come together to throw one big party. Each blogger is responsible for a craft, tutorial and idea which they send to Sara who pulls everything together and styles the party. During this week you can hop around to each person's blog to see how to recreate their … [Read more...]

Pirate Party Feature

Pirate Party Ideas on Love The Day

It's been a long while since we've had a party feature so it's about time we get back into the habit of sharing your fantastic parties. This party is brought to you by Gwendolyn of Not Your Normal Steam. When reading Gwendolyn's account of party preparation, it's impressive and inspiring what a DIY momma she is. From the painted wall hangings and treasure map to the sail mast … [Read more...]

NEW PARTY TREND! Lollipics:: Fully Edible Images on Lollipops!

NEW PARTY TREND! Lollipics: fully edible photo-quality images on sweet lollipops!

I am so excited to introduce a new company to the party scene that introduces a whole new element to party decor, party favors and edible (customized) treats. The company is called Lollipics and they sell lollipops with fully edible, high resolution images, photos and designs printed on them. As you see they have printed a bunch of my Christmas and Holiday designs on their … [Read more...]

Pirate Dessert Table Feature:: Customer Party

Pirate Candy Bar with Love The Day Printables

Arghh! How fun is the Pirate Dessert Table sent to me by the candy company Candy Galaxy?  They used our Pirate Party Printables to compliment their amazing black, red and a hint of gold candy spread. I love the visual of the crossing swords covering up the gold candies, almost like only a pirate would be allowed access. Candy Galaxy did an amazing job. If you are ever … [Read more...]

Summer Picnic Printables by Love The Day:: New Collection

Picnic Printables by Love The Day

Sharing a new collection with you today! This party was actually designed months ago, but I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to print and take pictures of the printables. So for those who still have summer parties and picnics ahead, spruce things up a bit with my new Summer Picnic Collection. It's HUGE with your typical party circles, drink labels and favor tags, but has … [Read more...]