It’s time to wrap up butterfly week with what I think is the most important aspect of any party, the food! And I have absolutely no problem doting on the wonderful talent who made all the food for our party, because well, she is my sister. A most amazing one at that! Kristi is my gorgeous younger sister who lives in NYC with her hubby and is currently enrolled in culinary/pastry school. Kristi drove down for the party with a menu in hand and some of the coolest kitchen gadgets around. In a few short hours she whipped out lemon curd tarts, mini blueberries pies, cupcakes, chocolate mousse, marshmallows, and hand dipped all the cookies. She made it all look so easy. And boy was everything good. Like eat one (or two) of everything good. Am I lucky or what?!

Follow Kristi at City Sweets as she writes about her journey through culinary school, to learn some great techniques and to see some cool kitchen gadgets in action.








by lindi

  • Lisa

    This food is absolutely beautiful. Kristi did a perfect job on everything!! How would it be to have your aunt cook like this for your four year old birthday party!! What a lucky little girl.

  • Carli

    That food looks amazing..Those home-made marshmallows look goood

  • Loni

    Perfect food for a perfect party!

  • kristi winder

    Thank you for the nice post. It was so fun to hang out with you Mandi and the girls. I can’t wait until the next party!!

  • Sunny

    This food is amazing! Great Job!!

  • Kay

    Beautiful food presentation.

  • Megan

    How lovely! Your sister does amazing work. I have to ask, what’s the beautiful print under the pies, cookies, and cupcakes (I think)? Is it scrapbooking paper or fabric? I’d love to keep my eyes open for it. Thanks for sharing!